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Private Coaching Sessions

Is it challenging to set your boundaries and look after your own needs? 

Are your stress responses easily and quickly triggered?

Do you struggle with self-worth, trying to measure up to your idealized version of yourself, and failing miserably? 

You don’t have to be someone else to thrive in this world.


You can cultivate and
maintain heart-centered balance by just being you, despite the challenges of being sensitive.

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I know from experience that highly sensitive people tend to feel overstimulated, struggle with health issues, headaches, digestion, and inflammation, and can feel quite uncomfortable in their bodies.

Nurturing these issues and concerns so you can build habit-changing processes is intrinsic to my integrative coaching approach. I combine health and life coaching explicitly tailored to your needs. My work is designed to help you uncover your self-value and deepest desires and apply sustainable practices to create lasting self-compassion and fulfillment.

These sustainable practices are designed to help you get in touch with your “yes” and “no” so that you can align with your values and set clear boundaries. Attuning to what really matters to you is important to me. Imagine awakening and maintaining your life passion and discovering what you need to sustain your endeavors. I’m a conscious listener and a great accountability partner with attention to detail and, ultimately, what nurtures you.

The benefits…

  • Marvel in the gift of your sensitivity

  • Deepen your connection with your true self

  • Reconnect with your inner wisdom

  • Feel seen and understood

  • Nurture and nourish your body, mind and emotions

  • Value and accept your deepest desires

  • Restore your nervous system

  • Free your passionate and sensual self!

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Embodied Transformational Program

I’ve designed a 12-session program to help you connect with yourself, manage stress and anxiety, lessen overwhelm and learn attainable methods to cultivate new habits and new life.

You can commit to the full 12-session program or dip your toe in the initial 4-session Foundation package and follow up with the Transformational and Integration packages.

Foundation Package #1

4 sessions to uncover your desires and needs and create new patterns of change.
Investment $400

Sessions either weekly or bi-weekly

Integration Package #3

4 sessions to deepen understanding of belief systems and inner wisdom.
 Investment $400

Sessions either weekly or bi-weekly

Transformation Package #2

4 sessions to further develop new patterns

of change and connection with yourself.
Investment $400  

Sessions either weekly or bi-weekly

Embodied Transformation Package #4

Full 12 sessions uncovering desires, patterns of change and cultivating inner wisdom.
Investment $1000 

Sessions either weekly or bi-weekly

Follow-up Support Sessions
Hourly $100

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